Studying Games – Clash of Realities Summit at Quo Vadis

Study something respectable, my child. Become a doctor, or a game designer.” Okay, we have not yet reached the point where parents wish their children would earn a living in the games industry. Although the academic programs for young talents and prospective students are up to the task. Universities in Germany and throughout Europe offer a variety of game related Bachelor and Master courses, with specializations ranging from Game Design to Game Programming to Game Economics and Game Studies.

With their anthology “Games studieren?” (“Studying Games”), prominent German game academics presentes current developments and perspectives in their fields of work. The Clash of Realities Summit at Quo Vadis summarized the insights of the anthology on the situation of games education in Germany, including the practical involvement of companies from the video game industry. Furthermore, the summit featured renowned international speakers who provided a comparative overview of academic teaching and research abroad.