ImTech4Ed Hackathon

Immersive Technologies for Education

The Immersive Technologies for Education (ImTech4Ed) is an Erasmus+ project where researchers, educators, and game design students from Germany, Greece, and Cyprus contribute to design aspects of immersive solutions. Within the hackathon related to this European research project, you explore the development of prototypical immersive educational games for the field of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) e.g. using mixed reality (AR/VR). Participants will work in small teams to conceptualize prototypes targeting school kids in the age range 14-16 yrs.

ImTech4Ed aims at creating interdisciplinary and international collaboration among students, educators, and researchers from Germany, Greece, and Cyprus in order to
o Deliver creative and valuable prototypes for immersive educational solutions
o Strengthen interdisciplinary thinking and approaches across students from various disciplines
o Strengthen interdisciplinary and international cooperation
o Evaluate prototypes in real teaching situations at connected schools
o Establish a network of con nected/interested partners

The hackathon will be open for the public on Thursday and Friday during the conference. We recommend using a lunch or coffee break to visit them in our co-working space at the CGL.


Roland Klemke