• Perceiving Video Games

    November 6 – Perceiving Video Games – Young Academics Workshop
    November 7 and 8 – Clash of Realities Conference, poster presentation

    Whenever we interact with video games we engage in different modes of perception. Video games are complex artifacts that bombard players with myriad stimuli, prompting them to act in particular ways. These stimuli are not only absorbed through the senses, but they are also processed and interpreted for meaning.

    How do human cognitive and emotional capacities relate to video games? How does changing our behavior within a game affect the perception we have of it? How do different themes and topics influence our perception of particular game mechanics (and vice versa)? How do technological advancements (VR, AR) change our perception of familiar games or genres? This workshop will bring the human component of gaming to the foreground of the discussion, from low-level processes of perception to high-level rational thinking and meaning making.

    Committee: Federico Alvarez (CGL), Curtis Maughan (CGL), Michael S. Debus (ITU)
    Organized by the Cologne Game Lab, TH Köln – University of Applied Sciences (Germany) in cooperation with IT University of Copenhagen (Denmark)