• Artistic Approaches to Music and Sound – Game Audio Summit

    In view of the aesthetic ideas and individual approaches that have been
    brought forth in the sonic arts, in radio drama, on the theatre stage,
    in performances or sound installations, but also in the cinema, creating
    musical and auditory worlds for games can mean much more than composing
    a specific set of musical pieces for standard gaming situations. That is
    why we shall discuss influences from different areas of mediated music
    and sound design. What can we learn from them in order to expand the
    possibilities of game audio today? By reviewing various audio-visual
    gaming scenarios we will further ask about concepts such as space and
    presence in augmented, mixed or virtual reality environments from a
    perceptual standpoint.

    Contact Program Managers:
    Marcus Erbe:m.erbe(at)uni-koeln.de
    Cécile Le Prado:clp(at)colognegamelab.de