• Carolyn Petit

    As an editor and critic for GameSpot, Carolyn Petit was one of the first transgender women to have a prominent voice in mainstream gaming media. She spent four years in that role and during her tenure, she became increasingly interested in how gaming culture had become seen by so many straight male gamers as a realm that belonged to them, and who viewed people such as herself as trespassers. When she commented briefly on the misogyny of Grand Theft Auto V in her review, the hostile response included tons of transphobic insults and even a petition to have her fired.

    Since then, she has worked as the managing editor of Feminist Frequency, where she helped to craft scripts for the organization’s landmark YouTube series, Tropes vs. Women in Video Games. She writes regularly about matters of representation in games, and believes that it’s essential for the industry to actively foster a more equitable gaming landscape.

    Posted July 10, 2018 in: by Tobias Lemme

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