• Opening Keynote: What Jurassic Park Taught Me About Building a Better Gaming Culture

    For the entirety of their existence, video games have been a thrilling field, always evolving artistically and technologically to constantly offer players incredible new experiences. Yes, games aren’t just toys. They’re powerful things. They can get our blood pumping, or stun us with moments of beauty, or scare the hell out of us, or break our hearts. That’s part of why we love them. But because they’re so powerful, just like the scientists who genetically engineer the dinosaurs in the classic film Jurassic Park, we should think carefully about what it really means to create them. Video games matter. They help shape our culture. In this spirited talk, games journalism veteran and Feminist Frequency managing editor Carolyn Petit draws on her years of experience to share some of what she’s learned about the power of video games, and offers up some lessons we can all take with us to help make the future of games a bright one.

    Posted July 23, 2018 in: by Tobias Lemme

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